Monday, July 5, 2010


Notice that the stiffest tree is the most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives
by bending with the wind.

-Japanese saying

Trees purify the air we breathe. We want to inhale clear and fresh air as long as we live. It´s a safe and closed circle. As long as we take care of the nature around us, we get protection from the beautiful, nourishing and strong trees. An important link that also offers us food, medicine etc.

The Tree pose, Vrksasana, celebrate moments of inner strength, connection, and serenity. Tree pose is a basic balancing posture that builds up our capability to concentrate and is highly beneficial for people with flat feet and sciatica.

Vrksasana provides us the awareness of the mid-line of the body and teaches us that we grow from the inside out for every breath we take. The more we focus on our breath the more connected we stay. A balanced tree moves along with the wind. Not being too slack or too rigid. A tree can stand strongly by itself or in a forest surrounded by a community of trees.

As human being we need to nourish our inner tree. Regular yoga practice increases our flexibility. Avoiding to eat wheat, rice and dairy is another nutritious step. These primary products are like serving glue to the digestive- and our respiratory system. A lot of mucus results in a lot of stiffness.

Another important step towards flexibility is leaving coffee, black tea and sodas behind us.
Avoid drinking caffeine that sucks the water out of our
system and makes us tense and over-stimulated. Instead of becoming stiff and tight we
can get a nutritious body of drinking fresh juice.

Eat to live not live to eat.

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  1. Tree pose is my favorite! Sometimes I have trouble with balance poses. I found Leeann Carey has a free yoga video that breaks down tree pose and it’s really helpful. Thought your readers would like it: