Thursday, November 11, 2010

Strength and flexibility

Take a chance!

All life is a chance.

The man who goes the furthest

is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.

- Dale Carnegie

There are hundreds of yoga poses, asanas, that build up your strength and flexibility. By combining different type of asanas you provide wonderful benefits for your body and mind.

Standing Poses

-help to align your feet and body

-improving your posture

-strengthen your legs

-increasing flexibility in your legs and hips, pelvis and lower back

-add to the mobility of your neck and shoulders

Seated Poses

-increase flexibility in your hips and lower back

-strengthening your back

-add suppleness to your spine and elasticity to your hips, knees, ankle and groin

-encourage deeper breathing, which contributes to you feeling calm and peaceful.

Forward Bends

-stretch your lower back and hamstrings

-release tension in your back, neck, shoulders

-increase the flexibility in your spine

-promote a sense of calmness

Back Bends

-open your chest, rib cage, and hips

-strengthen your arms and shoulders

-increasing flexibility in your shoulders

-relieve tension from the front of your body and hips and they also

-increase spinal stability


-develop muscle tone, coordination, strength and agility

-improve your posture by elongating your spine in order to keep yourself from falling over

-train your mind to focus your attention


-release tension in your spine

-increase shoulder and hip mobility

-relieve backaches by stretching and opening up your back muscles

Supine Pose (poses done on your back)

-stretch your abdominal muscles

-open your hips

-increase your spinal mobility

-release tension

-strengthen your back, arms and legs.

Prone Pose (poses done facing the floor)

-strengthen your arms and back

-open up your hips and groin

-relieve tension

-increase flexibility in your spine


-develops strength and stamina

-increases circulation

-reverses the normal flow of blood

-pull fluid out of your feet and legs

Relaxation Poses

-calm your mind and body

-encourage a deep feeling of relaxation

-often one of the "most challenging" poses to do until you learn to let go


  1. Good Information in your blog.

  2. Så fina bilder. Och omgivningen ser ut att vara gjord för yoga. Du skriver så fint Sue!

  3. Tack för fina bilder, du väcker min yogalust!

  4. It makes me happy to read that my passion for yoga lights a spark also in other bodies.


  5. Hej Sue!
    Vilka underbara bilder på dig. Miljön runt omkring gör att det blir så stämningsfullt, jag kan verkligen känna friden och energin.

    Vad mycket bra saker du skriver om! Det här ska jag komma i håg. Det är lite som en karta rörelser.