Yoga paths

The four paths of Yoga:

1. Raja yoga (royal union)
Based on a practical system of concentration and control of the mind. Right conduct, a healthy body and steady posture, breath regulation and withdrawal of the sences.

2. Karma yoga (action)
Is the science of achieving perfection in action. A yogi seeks to eliminate the ego and its attachments, to serve humanity without expecting reward.

3. Bhakti yoga (devotion)
Through chanting, prayer and repetition of mantra emotional energy is channeled into devotion, a positive direction.

4. Jnana yoga (knowledge)
This path of yoga looks into the truth about who we are and what we are experiencing. A yogini uses the intellect as a tool to understand that our true Self is behind and beyond our mind.

The yogic path of well-being:

1. Proper exercise
2. Proper breathing
3.Proper relaxation

4. Proper diet
5. Positive thinking and meditation  

Our goal as yogis is the goal of self-knowledge
We gain it through awareness, introspection, and observation.