Monday, June 7, 2010

Low energy

Yoga is constant and equilibrium a place that is ever the same.
-Bhagavad Gita

In life we want to stay in balance. Measure our energy on a scale. Not with one weight down and the other up in the sky. Equilibrium is our goal.

Our body energy is affected by the sun and the moon. A bright summer day when the sun gazes from a babyblue sky we are full of energy, motivated and inspired. A rainy day when the sun is hidden behind the clouds we need to keep up the sun within us.

The moon phases also play an important role in our daily life. The gibbous moon we notice by feeling low. The gravity is pushed down and we simply need to take it slow instead of forcing our energy. In opposite the waning crescent gets the energy within us to increase.

Women also have the hormones going on a roller coaster every month. Usually 7-10 days before the moondays starts we can feel the difference in our body. Physically and mentally. The combination from the nature and the hormone circle can be quite challenging. Luckily we can find comfort in different yoga postures instead of medicine, that only bring more toxins into the body.

Some days you may feel sluggish and have a lack of energy. The first aid is not to run to Starbucks. (It´s okay to run if it stops there, instead of in the coffee line). A nice way to increase the energy level is making an inversion, letting the gravity do the work for you. The heart gets a break, the blood circulation and oxygen rejuvenates, the built up tension releases, the stress level drops and we become more sharp and alert.

One terrific inversion for each level:





Do NOT practice inversions
-during menstruation (wrong way for the gravity)
-high blood pressure, heart related problems, eye issues, neck problems, epilepsy, revious stroke or sinus problems

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