Saturday, December 4, 2010


Anything that has real and lasting value
is always a gift from within.

-Franz Kafka

This season is especially invited for Christmas parties. A nice time to gather and celebrate with your co-workers, friends and family. A great way to cheer up since many of us, this time of the year, start to feel the lack of energy.

The big BUT is the alcohol. It´s a depressant and triggers feelings of sadness. That may turn into nervousness and further more mental lethargy and physical fatigue.

If you already feel depressed, alcohol is something you want to stay away from. Alcohol slows down your bodily functions, especially the brain. It increases the amount of circulating cortisol, reduces serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. Alcohol not only stresses the blood sugar control, and may cause low blood sugar, it also disrupts your sleep. Who ever sad alcohol helps you relax?

Have you ever poured alcohol on a fire? Then you know what happends, from an ayurvedic point of wiev, to those with an Pitta imbalance. The fire explodes.

As we say here in Japan: Kanpai! to parties without alcohol.


  1. In much agreement! I don't drink at all. There are so many good reasons not to. Kanpai! :)

  2. Hej hej!
    Jag har aldrig druckit alkohol och det står jag fast vid. Det kändes inte bra för mig.


  3. Så rätt du har, yogan har gjort att jag helt enkelt inte vill ha det längre, mer än något glas vin någon gång...