Thursday, August 12, 2010

Conquer PMS

They say that time changes things,
but you actually have to change them yourself.

-Andy Warhol

It´s wonderful to be a woman. Life doesn´t stay the same day after day. Every day, every week and every month we get new challenges to cope with. Our feminine health means building an intimate relationship with our inner and outer cycles. This is not to say that a woman will experience only one type of PMS or that her symptoms will be the same each month. Any combination of these symptoms may occur; they will vary from month to month depending on which stress is present and which hormone predominates.

We can divide PMS into 4 different groups:
1. anxiety, irritability, mood swings
2. cravings, fatigue, headache,
3. depression, confusion, memory loss
4. H2O retention, weight gain, bloating, breast tenderness

There are ways to help in dealing with the PMS:
Deeper self-knowledge
Changes in lifestyle
Proper diet (avoid
caffeine, alcohol, simple sugars, salt, and fats)
Intake of calcium, Vitamin B6 and magnesium
Having a generally relaxed mind and body
Recognize the need to slow down
Several Yoga poses are proven to ease the PMS.

1. Relieving anxiety and nervous irritability with calming poses:

The corpse pose

The mind becomes rested
the breath becomes balanced
the body rejuvenated.

the crocodile
those who are unable to relax lying on their backs as the head faces downward it gets the mind to focus inward with fewer distractions

child's pose
a) ease low back pain

Keep your toes touching as you spread your knees to the sides

b)helps to massage the organ systems in the abdomen and pelvis and tone them.

Keep the knees togheter under your stomach

2. Soothe the cravings.

At this time the body needs more glucose because it is more responsive to insulin.
The postures below stimulate blood flow to the abdominal and pelvic areas and help regulate sugar metabolism.

the bow

Exhale grab your ankles

Inhale lift the chest and legs
(Use a necktie to reach the ankles)

increases energy and elevates the mood.

stretches and tones the ovaries, uterus, and abdominal organs.

modified bridge
A) Arms on the side of the body
Use a block between the legs to engage the inner thigh muscle and for keeping the feet apart

B) Let the palms meet under your back

Lifting the hips too high puts extra pressure on the already stressed lower back

rejuvenates and tones the reproductive organs and the abdominal organs, thereby helping to relieve carbohydrate cravings.

3. Conquer depression with
-move blocked energy through all the chakras
-teaches you to overcome fear and frustration and to live with an open heart and a passion for life and love

The upward-facing dog

upward gaze counteracts the downward pull of gravity and helps relieve depression.

4. Alleviate swelling with gentle inversions

The modified wide-angle pose

relieves swelling by opening and energizing the entire pelvic region

pull of gravity, it reverses the effects of bloating and fluid retention in the legs and feet.

Engage your feet and keep the knees straight up towards the ceiling!

supported plow

done with modification to avoid injury to the already stressed lower back

Ease stiffness in the back by keeping the legs apart.

Keep the elbows close to each other.

reduces swelling and fluid retention by stimulating circulation in an inverted position.


  1. Tack för en fin lektion i "pms-yoga"..och de visa orden från Andy Warhol gillade jag. Vill man något så ska man inte sitta och vänta då får man fixa det själv!! KRam

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  3. Det är endast du själv som vet hur din kropp fungerar och när det är dags att fokusera på PMS-övningar.

    Jag skulle dock rekommendera att när du känner av ägglossningen (14 dagar före mensen). DÅ är det dags att dagligen investera tid i PMS yoga.

    Lycka till!

  4. Tack för svar! Ska genast prova . Tack för att du delar med dig av all din kunskap! Kram Heléne

  5. Sue, this is brilliant! So very, very helpful. :)

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