Saturday, August 14, 2010


Your vision will become clear
when you look into your heart.

-Carl Jung

I love candles and the light that spreads around them. A peaceful moment. Even though the outside temperature shows over 35 degrees celcius I enjoy the warm, safe and silent whisper from the candles. And the aroma that scents the air.

As you fix your gaze at the candle flame, your mind gets concentrated on a single point. IN yoga we call this technique TRATAK, a method of meditation. It involves alternately gazing at an object or point without blinking, then closing your eyes and visualizing the object in your mind's eye.

Steady gazing is an excellent concentration exercise since the restlessness of mind too comes to a halt. Not only is the practice focused on building concentration, but it is also said to cleanse the eye and improve eyesight. The fixed gazing also developes willpower.

Next time there is a full moon, and you might have trouble of sleeping, take the oportunity to perform tratak. Gaze at the moon. Let the light calm you and help you fall sound asleep. Tratak reduces your built up tension and the rate of your breath is slowed down.

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