Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday spa

Care for your eyes and ears,
then the nostrils and the tongue,
the heart, stomach, navel, womb,
thus every part of the body.

-Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya

Sunday mornings are my favourite. There is something in the air. Something that you can´t buy and it´s not for sale. You need to breathe, smell, touch, feel and see it. It´s right in front of you. The peaceful morning glory.

It´s always nice to meet my yoga friends at the Yoga Studio for an early Sivananda class. Walk home with an energized body when the rest of the population just has woken up from their beauty sleep.

Enter my home with fresh croissants for the family. Sit outside and chat in the morning sun with a cup of coffee.

Take a warm bath.

This morning Kleopatras milkbath filled with vitamins, calcium and minerals made my skin soft and moisturizing.

I heated up:
150 ml milk
3 tablespoons of coconut powder
1 teaspoon honey
+3 drops yasmine, ylang-ylang and lavendel

Sunday mornings,
a time to sit down and relax
with a fresh body, mind and spirit.


  1. Hello, Suzanne sensei.
    I will definitely try Kleopatras milk bath soon!
    Sounds so lovely.

  2. A beautiful morning filled with the simple pleasures of life...