Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Boost your energy

Food, love, career, and mothers,

the four major guilt groups.

- Cathy Guisewite

Does the quote sound familiar? Always feeling that the time flies away and you still have things undone. And all the sudden the energy seems to have gone up in smoke.

Then it´s time to slow done. Breathe deeply and press the PAUSE button. Ask yourself:

How can I reduce stress?

How is my sleeping pattern?
What about the iron level?
And not to forget the digestion?

Learn to answer: NO, NO, NO! You can´t simply be at several places at once. Focus on what you are doing insted of troubleing your mind with everything that still must be done.
Close the tv or radio and enjoy the sound of silence. Try also to leave your mobile at home instead of carrying it around all the time.

Schedule time for rest. Make sure you are relaxed before going to bed to promote a good 7-8 hours of sleep. Avoid takin naps in day time.

Try to eat a well balanced diet. A yogic diet usually has a reduced intake of meat, which is high on iron.

The menses also tend to get you more anemic. Especially for those whose nutritional defenses are low I recommend a treatment of Iron and B vitamins.

Right nostril breathing stimulates the liver, which plays an important role in building the blood.
Eat and drink pomegranate, grape, beet or carrot.
Seaweed, dark green leafy vegetables and dried dates are only a few of many iron rich foods.

Remember that tea and coffee drops your iron level even lower!

If the gastric fire is low avoid cold and icy beverages, prefer warm water. Support your digestive fire with grated fresh ginger, a few drops of lime juice or a pinch of rock salt.

Many consider the Shoulder Stand the most important Yoga posture.

When done in the mornings the Shoulder Stand is known to ease fatigue caused by too much or too little sleep. When performed in the evenings Sarvangasana helps promote restful sleep.

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