Thursday, December 2, 2010


There is nothing
like returning to a place
that remains unchanged
to find the ways
in which you yourself have altered.
- Nelson Mandela

Human beings are living books. Every person has a unique story to tell, filled with one chapter more exiting than the other. This book is something that needs to be read every day. One way to read your book is to check your pulse. The radial pulse is one out of many pulse points.

Not only the Ayurvedic constitution, but also the status of the body`s organs can be determined by examination of the deep pulsations. We learn to detect early symptoms of imbalance and to prevent diseases.

Radial Pulse diagnosis

Measure your pulse with the index, middle and ring finger.

The index finger denotes the pulse of Vata and detects bodily AIR.

The middle finger, Pitta, detects FIRE.

The ring finger, Kapha, detects WATER.

Within on minute count the heartbeats.

It is best to check the pulse on both sides of the body.

Kapha = 60-70 beats/minute,

Pitta = 70-80 beats/minute

Vata = 80-100 beats/minute

Be aware of that the pulse should not be checked after bathing, eating, exercising, massage or sex. Then everybody´s pulse is way above 100!

Enjoy reading the best book ever written!


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