Sunday, December 12, 2010

Straight spine

In any moment of decision the best thing you can do
is the right thing,
the next best thing is the wrong thing,
and the worst thing you can do is nothing.
Theodore Roosevelt

Today a young mother walked infront of me pushing her baby in a stroller. Unfortunately the ladies shoes didn´t support her ankles neither her alignment. At the same time another lady came walking. She on the contrary had well equiped shoes supporting her ankles. Unfortunately the older woman´s alignment was affected by kyphosis.

We can always make choises and avoid falling into bad habits. Our alignment is something we need to pay attention to as we sleep, sit, walk, run and stand. Walking bare foot is a good choise and when you leave the house make shore to step into comfortable shoes.

Bellow are some yoga poses that supports your spine to stay straight:

Swaying Palm Tree Pose

-opens every vertebra
-removes stiffness in the spinal muscles
-increases blood supply to the spinal muscles and nerves
-cures minor curvatures of the spine
-improves flexibility in the torso
-strengthens the sides of the waist

Cat and Cow Pose

-provides a gentle massage to the spine
-stretches the low, mid and upper back
-releases lower back, shoulder and neck pain
-stretches the front torso, the hips and the neck

Cow Face Pose

-helps to make the spine straigth
-improves posture by the deep stretch of hips, ankles, thighs, shoulders, armpit, chest, deltoid and triceps
-relieves pain in the hip and lower extremeties.

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