Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shake your buddhi!

Make the best use of what is in your power,
and take the rest as it happens.

I am fascinated by the old water spouts decorating the japanese temples. You can see the free flow of water from the roof continue along the spout down to the bucket. During today´s visit to the temple the bottom part of the spout was icebound. If it would have rained today the water would have run over.

The same procedure happens to us human beings if some area is frozen. If the free flow between our body, mind and spirit is blocked we develop diseases.

Yoga postures allow us to place our awareness on the body. Like a tree needs the water. It provides nourishment and liveliness to the physiology and refreshes and rejuveates.

Asanas attend to the body so that the mind-body can begin to mend. Awareness heals the body, and intention mends the spirit. If done poperly, the poses create doshic balance and happiness is a by-product of health.

By shaking your buddhi (mind), you can take the first step to a more free flow and leave the mental dullness and physical stagnation behind.


  1. Ja så rätt du har. Som vanligt :) Sue, skönt att läsa dina ord just idag!

  2. Fint om några få ord kunnat fungerar som ett helande plåster.

  3. Jag säger bara, Amen.