Sunday, June 6, 2010

Yoga in nature

Yoga an ancient practice
a complete way of life.

-Indian proverb

This morning the paparazzis were ready to get the most fabulous picture...

Early this sunday morning I went to the park of Osaka Castle. The first park yoga, arranged by Spirit Yoga Studio, this summer. A beautiful warm and bright morning got 16 yoginis out of bed.

With the guidance of yoga teacher Haidar Ali we could practice yoga in the fresh air, under the shadow of a huge tree and far away from the noisy traffic. We could enjoy this two hour session in this big and empty green park area. Only a group of bird-shooting paparazzis joined in.

As a countryside yogini I have forgot how the urban life has affected me. This yoga morning gave me so much more than only practicing a nice series of asanas. Standing outside with the sun gazing, the green grass tickeling, the tree leaves dancing, the birds singing, the butterflies flying, the ants working and the wind whispering. There was yoga magic in the air.

Yoga comes from the nature and is supposed to be trained in nature. Living in a city of millions you easily get drowned by all the signals from people, cars, trains, stores, restaurants and airplanes. I am so lucky for todays yoga lesson. It got me a new point of view. I would never have believed that the nature affects me this much.

Thank you Haidar for making it possible to practice yoga in nature!


  1. Har väntat på din blogg. På denhär. Glad att få följa dej också på detta sätt. Om Shanti.