Wednesday, October 20, 2010


“Discipline is remembering what you really want.”
“Tapas is the choice of finding a better way.”
~ Doug Keller

Almost everybody that knows me understands my passion for yoga. The one thing many don´t understand is why I get up early in the morning and do my yoga practice.

The Sanskrit term for self-discipline is tapas. It is tapas which taps our inner potential. Anything that is done voluntarily, with a great end in mind, is a form of tapas.

is defined to mean enthusiasm, excitement and discipline towards yoga. A sort of inner fire to be the best you can be while practicing yoga. A fiery motivation that keeps a yogini focused on her goals and helps her to incinerate the obstacles along his path.

The commitment and regularity of daily practice is a wonderful opportunity to find our inner strength. In Yoga, relaxation is threefold:

physical – relaxing the muscles and internal organs

mental – quieting one’s intellect

spiritual -one is able to withdraw from the body and mind and disconnect from the ego.


  1. Hej Sue!
    Jag älskar att yoga på morgonen. Det är min speciella tid med mig själv. Jag ser det som en kärleksfull gåva att ha möjlighet till att utöva yoga. Energin räcker sedan längre under dagen.


  2. Åhh vad bra du skriver här om tapas! Disciplin kan låta som ett negativt ord men är egentligen tvärtom. Disciplin att orka göra det vi mår bra av i längden. Inte bara titta efter kortsiktig njutning.

  3. Jag älskar också att yoga på morgonen.
    Den bästa tiden på dagen.
    Fast på vintern går det dåligt.
    Lägenheten är trång och jag känner mig tung.
    Har du något tips?

  4. Practicing yoga in the mornings, even though for 10-15 minutes, is always a nice way to invite a new day. Eventually you start noticing how refreshed the body, mind and spirit feels and you just want to make time for a prolonged practice.

    Short regular sessions are always more beneficial than one megalong session/week.