Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blissful yoga

Awareness must be like the sun:
extending everywhere,
illuminating all.

B.K.S. Iyengar

Time flies when you are blissful. The VATA wind has swept me away this past week and inspired me with many interesting things.

Peter Roussel's Yoga Therapy workshops (Managing Body Mechanics -Feeling Limits and Understanding Priorities) gave me so much new insights in my self practice as well as in my teaching.

Lyckily I will have the possibility next weekend to meet his wife and dig deeper into another yoga therapy: Ayurveda.

I have found new yoga books which is always a bliss, especially when the books are in English and not only in Japanese.

Instead of getting my hands on the movie EAT, PRAY, LOVE I can now follow the story of Elizabeth Gilbert before I go to sleep.

Except for books I have also found some Ayurvedic herb tea that you can buy here in Osaka.

Taking the time to switch OFF is actually when we switch ON and become sensitive and get many questions answered.

One of my students knows my passion for tea. What a bliss that she brought some new teabags to class. Thanks! Oishikatta desu!

My yoginis are an everlasting inspiring source. It´s a win-win situation. Being a teacher lets me learn from my students. I am so thankful to have been given this opportunity to teach yoga in Japan.


  1. Hej hej!
    Vad underbart! Jag är glad för din skull.


  2. The hatha Yoga book has never left my side. I love that book

  3. Härligt lyskraft omkring dej! Kramiga hösthälsningar!

  4. underbart, jag kände att jag var med dig i en park i osaka o yogade för en stund!

  5. Hi!I'm Ally.
    It liked and was good. Yokatta desu!
    I also am reading "EAT,PRAY,LOVE" now.
    The movie of the book was seen.

    Do you know what I'm saying?
    I wish I could speak more English.

    See you next class!

  6. I´m so happy Ally that you posted me an english comment! See you in class!