Thursday, November 4, 2010


Nobody motivates today's workers.
If it doesn't come from within, it doesn't come.
Fun helps remove the barriers
that allow people to motivate themselves.

Herman Cain

This morning I wasn´t the first to get up in our house. Bright and early our youngest daughter's turtle, Sprinkles, had already started his morning yoga. With all limbs stretched out he layed on top of his stone enjoying the morning glory.

So did I, with a huge smile on my lips.

In the afternoon both my daughters coloured several Mandala paintings. It´s a creative process where your attention is diverted from the external to the internal. In this over-stimulated world it´s a way to find a place of silence and inner calm. An easy way to take time out from the rat race. Something you can sit down and do anywhere.

Coloring mandalas can help children (and adults) deal with emotions and cope with illness. Instead of verbalizing their feelings, many children express themselves through color and art. Since it´s a repetative movement it drops your stress level.

Mandala means circle in Sanskrit and is intended for meditative purposes. Circles are a powerful symbol found in every cultur. People create and look at mandalas essentially to center the body and mind.

If you don´t have your own Mandala colouring book, there is always free colouring pages on the internet. This is only one out of several
Colouring pages.

Now I have a Mandala to meditate at tomorrow morning...and so does Sprinkles.


  1. Åh, tack, nu måste jag ju absolut printa ut Mandalas att färglägga! Namasté och Kram!

  2. Hej hej!
    Jag älskar Mandala de är så vackra och jag blir alltid så harmonisk av att titta på dem!



  3. Men så fint att man kan ladda ner och färglägga. Tack för tipset! Kram SUe!