Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Thank you all for your kind words and warm hugs!

The easy living finally takes an end.
For 22 days we have been homeless. Physically staying in Finland but mentally in Japan.

I wish all the people in Fukushima/Sendai would get the same second chance as we are given. Tomorrow we are travelling back to the Sakura blooming Japan to say goodbye to all our friends.

I especially send a big thank-you-hug to my husbands boss in Cleveland and his co-workers in Tokyo for using their hearts making this desicion. When the plant is pulled out from its nutricious soil it takes time to recover. It will not be easy to leave Japan, but this time we have three months to finish what was left of our expat instead of three hours as March 15th.

Om Shanti,


  1. Så skönt att läsa dina ord Sue. Och hoppas det blir en bra tid för er så ni hinner med det ni vill. Stor kram

  2. Kraft & styrke-kramar till dig!