Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yoga for your type

Reading makes a full man,
meditation a profound man,
discourse a clear man.
-Benjamin Franklin

Today the postman delivered a fascinating book about ayurveda and yoga. In Yoga for your type the authors have linked togheter these systems of human development. Unifying body, mind and spirit with the wisdom of life.

This traditional medicine of India has a conquered my heart and makes my yoga practise even more colourful and adventurous. A book I recommend every yogini to have at home.

The yoga asanas are presented according to the ayurvedic body-mind types of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. A very important issue. When one asana pacifies a dosha (life energy) it can aggrevate another dosha. An ayurvedic understanding of asanas is very helpful since that is the main physical exercise for balancing the doshas. The purpose of the asana practise is to keep the doshas in their proper flow. The goal is to calm vata, cool pitta and release kapha.

According to ayurveda we develope diseases externally and internally. We have the wrong relationship with food or climate and wrong movement of internal energies (thoughts, emotions).

For treating the body we need the right food, herbs and exercise.

For treating the mind we need right impressions, expressions and associations.

For treating the soul we need the appropriate spiritual practice.

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