Sunday, August 22, 2010

Twisting energy

Let the past drift away with the water.
-Japanese saying

In the morning as I walked to my early Sivananda class the temperature showed 30 degrees celcius. Later in the afternoon we had a humidity of 66 % and 40 degrees celcius here in Osaka. And I love it. As a Vata-dosha I enjoy when it´s hot and moist and the chilly autumn breeze seems far away.

Today it would have been possible to practice Bikram (hot) yoga outside. This yoga style, that gives you heavy sweating, detoxifes the body and you lose your weight more easily because your muscles are warmed and can burn fat more easily. A stiff body gets more flexible of the heat to move into different poses and lots of more benefits.
    Everybody doesn´t enjoy the japanese summer heat. Some get tired, dull or irritated and need a boost. Instead of an energy drink or cup of coffee, twisting yoga poses will energize you. Poses you can do anywhere. I have even done them in the airplane, without getting into any security measures. Remember to twist to both sides to get your body well balanced!

    Inhale -lenghten the spine

    Exhale and twist

    Inhale with one leg crossed over the other


    Support from a bench
    Inhale and make your body tall

    Exhale -twist

    You can challege yourself and twist without the support of a chair.

    Exhale as you twist and stretch your palm towards the sky.

    Take support of your knees.
    Exhale and twist

    If you are totally exhausted you can always just lay down and twist. You will still get boosted!

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    1. Bikram Yoga outside, that would have been something. Only tried it once but liked it very much. It's really hot there. Good for you that you enjoy the heat.