Wednesday, June 16, 2010

King of the birds

Those who live passionatly

Teach us how to love,

Those who love passionatly

Teach us how to live.


(Eagle pose)

Garuda is the "king of the birds" a gigantic half-man and half-bird and also an emblem of the sun and the solar cycle.
Translated into english as "eagle".

In eagle pose you need strength, flexibility, and endurance. Just imagine that you are an eagle soaring high up in the sky. Focusing on a tiny object down on land. That demands a great deal of concentration, coordination and balance.

This "flying" eagle pose may be practiced standing against a wall, sitting on a chair or supine on your mat. The ultimate goal of yoga asanas is to train the mind for higher flights of spirituality.

This Yoga asana helps in preventing cramps/ tiredness in the calf muscles after a long day of standing or walking as when having foot ache. It further develops the ankles, help in loosening up your joints and removes stiffness in the shoulders. When you release the pose, the joints are revitalized and cleansed with fresh blood flow.

Stretching your muscles would help in making all the parts of your body more fit. It would look similar to you being wrapped by yourself. This grounding pose brings energy into the midline of the body (shoulder, hips, knees, ankle) as to the mooladhara chakra.

So ground your feet, spread out your wings and fly towards a great skill of balance and concentration!

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