Monday, June 14, 2010

Yoga & Ayurveda II

In thruth it matters less what we do in practice
than how we do it and why we do it.

-Donna Farahi

A wonderful Ayurveda weekend has made an ever greater impact at me. A nice satisfaction but also a longing for more. This is a science I want to dig into for the rest of my life. The sisters yoga and ayurveda go hand in hand. One needs the other to gain a strong balance. One without the other would be like skipping forvard on one leg.

The Ayurveda consultant Jodi Boone has settled down in India after living in the States and Switzerland. Now she also runs a retreat center in Goa. Luckily she brought along a couple of important stuff: a tonguescrape, sesame oil, neti pot and herbtea.

On a daily bases I use my blue rigid plastic tongue scrape. The metal scrape, that Jodie brought, gathers the night kapha in one gentle pull.

Instead of gurgling in sesame oil, as I have done the last couple of months, Jodi now encourages me to instead massage the gums. That is much easier. At least I don´t have to go and spit it out anymore.

The neti pot (nostril cleansing) got its premier this weekend. With a Vata dosha I will perform this technique regulary. Not daily. Then I will dry out. Except if I get a cold, then the pot will be in handy.

Nosal cleansning is a safe and effective treatment for people with:
chronic mucus and catarrh problems
eye complaints
asthma, allergy problems and hay fever

Nostril cleansning will also reduce anxiety and is an improvement in sleep problems.

Now its time for a nice cup of warm soy milk mixed with cinnamon, cardamom and dried ginger.


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  1. Tittar snabbt genom sidan och konstaterar att jag måste läsa igenom allt på nytt senare.
    Om man endast följer bilderna ser innehållet i koppen mindre gott ut.. :-D
    *rusar till stan för att delta i en ört-läkemedelsväxtkurs*