Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yoga profile

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.
-Muhammed Ali

I feel thankful to have been giving the opportunity to teach yoga in Japan. Even though my japanese language skill is insufficient the language of yoga reaches all over the world.

Tomorrow I will put my feet on the mat as a Hatha yoga teacher at Mellow Yoga Studio.

On saturday I give two classes at Spirit Yoga Studio ( Yoga and ayurveda / Vinyasa flow)

Next monday a group of japanese office workers will get their first basic yoga session.

Check out my yoga profile:

I am a mother of two daughters, a wife and an elementary school teacher. In the past I had several stress related diseases. Three years ago I was standing on an yoga mat for the first time. It was love at first sight. With the therapy of ashtanga yoga I found peace, harmony and awareness. Today yoga is more than a hobby for me, it´s a lifestyle. Yoga is keeping my body, mind and spirit balanced, on and off the mat.

In june 2009 I moved, with my family, from the Finnish countryside to the high paced and crowded Osaka. Moving to Japan has given me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of yoga at Spirit Yoga Studio. In october 2009 I joined
Yoga Alliance 200 teacher training course. A new door was opened when Rachel Zinman introduced the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda. In june 2010 I participated in Spirit Yoga Ayurveda Foundations Course with Jodi Boone. From june 2010 I am a registered teacher at Yoga Alliance.

My yoga self practice is focused on pacifying my
Vata dosha and regulary attending various workshops, classes and reading books. I have been inspired by renowned yoga teachers such as Lucy Roberts, Jason Crandell, David Newman, Cole Dano and Yumiko Terasaki.

The biggest inspiration is life itself. Every day is filled with possibilities. Life is a precious gift. Yoga is the way to happiness and finding your inner light so that you can shine like a beautiful star.



  1. lycka till !
    ja provade yoga nu i min utbildning och tror att det har en god effekt på kroppen. Vad vet du om yoga mat, hört om det?

  2. Vilken härlig text.
    Och vilket härligt bildmontage.
    Du utstrålar sannerligen en övertygelse, som kan ta sig över både de djupaste vatten och högsta berg. Och jag som har förmånen att känna dej litegrann irl vet att det finns ett vackert ljus omkring dej. Och det lyste så klart när vi träffades i somras! Kram!

  3. This sounds wonderful!
    So full of life.
    A beautiful story.
    I wish you all the luck with your teaching!

  4. Thank you all for your support!

  5. The best luck to you, how exciting!

  6. Sue I wish you all the best and the journey you take will be filled gifts unknown to others but known only to you! Like you I am a MBTS with 2 (25,23)

  7. Åh Sue, jag har missat det här inlägget tidigare. Men jag blev så glad när jag läste det vackra du skrivit. Lycka till min vän på andra sidan jordklotet, trots att vi aldrig träffats känner vi varandra :) Kram