Monday, September 6, 2010

Lesson summary

Yoga is serenity.
-Bhagavad Gita

The last couple of days have given me new perspective. Standing on the mat as a teacher giving instructions and assisting. And also being the one in charge to keep time.

I have hade the opportunity to meet so many different yoga enthusiasts. Newbies to experieced, yogis or yoginis, stiff or flexible, short or tall, young or old...

The world of yoga welcomes everyone. I feel honoured to be a part of the chain to spread the knowledge of yoga further.

The hips have been in focus in my classes. Of course with adjustment to level and style.

We want to build up strenght and increase the motion in our hips, since the hips are our base. The center that connects our upper body with the lower. The bodypart that gives feedback when it becomes to tight. It is the center where we hide our stress, emotions and tension. Digging into that area requires courage. Hip opener poses also make you tired of all the strain you let go of. A tiredness that we need to release, instead of putting the lid on. We want the message to flow freely from our top down to all the toes.

With a regular practice of hip openers we gain patience and faith in all aspects of life.

Todays yoga with the office workers worked out fine without any fancy yoga stuff. A tatami mat gave space for many persons interested in releasing their stiffness. Books became blocks, the workers belts became nice straps and some tennis balls got the newbies to engage their inner thigh muscles. The hip openers was manageable to perform with jeans, shirt or a skirt.

Everything is possible if you open the door to possibilities.

In my yoga and ayurveda lesson we focused on pacifying the vata dosha. Getting the quickly and irregulary moving vata snake to find harmony. The vata poses are done in silence, with closed eyes and a slow ujjay breath.

The space and air that creates vata imbalance is concured with forward bends and twisting poses.

My thanks to all the yoga practioners that showed up and thanks for the feedback.

My thanks to Ty Burhoe that gave me his CD, Invocation, up in the powerful mountains of Kyoto. Peaceful rhythms that coloured my yoga classes and kept me in the moment.


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  2. vilket vackert inlägg och vilken bra present du fick, en av mina favoriter :) det ser fint ut med matta över hela golvet!

  3. Fint beskrivet Sue, vi kan ta till oss yogan närsomhelst.Egentligen.

  4. Now that I have landed in India my practice of yoga will begin. Am looking forward to getting back into teaching..