Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 -The Rabbit Pose

Life is movement.
The more life there is,
the more flexibility there is,
the more fluid you are,
the more you are alive.
-Arnaud Desjardins

Happy new yoga filled year!

The rabbit invites us to jump forward into the year of 2011.
I myself am a "rabbit" born in 1975. We rabbit´s are ambitious, compassionate and known to get on well with everyone. Our creative talents will come to the fore when allowed to work in our own pace.

People born under the Year of the Rabbit need to work on building self-worth and self-confidence to feel more secure. A regular practice of Sasangasana -The Rabbit Pose opens the back of the Heart chakra. The area that deals with our security. This forward bend also improves your mobility and elasticity of the spine and back muscles. And remember that you are as young as your spine is flexible! Stretching the spine increases the proper nutrition to the nervous system which helps insomnia and depression.

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