Friday, June 3, 2011

Synergy yoga

When you are a master of your body, word and mind,
you shall rejoice in perfect serenity.


Today I had many courageous Kapha yoginis sweating on their yoga mats. The topic of todays Ayurveda and Yoga class was; Kapha. Since the tsuyu, rain season, has started its great to pacify your dosha with kapha movement. Break a sweat and get the extra water out of your system and at the same time increase circulation to ease low metabolism.

In todays class I had a special star visitor -my ayurveda teacher Jodi Boone. She just arrived from India and brought with her the latest dvd
Synergy yoga. The release party will be on June 18th....

and already I got my own DVD signed.

Two 1-hour Art, Flow & Love vinyasa.

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